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. more on the problems people are dealing with in the northwest from jay gray. >> we have been all over the region to night and here in the district and virginia, lots of extraordinary things. some tremendous wind, a lot of flooding, but the worst of the trees coming down. this 100 year-old tree that toppled just a few hours ago barely missed these rows of homes over here, so folks are really grateful for that. when it did come around and let on cathedral avenue here in northwest washington, it did clip one little car over there in the quarter, but that is nothing compared to some of the issues we have seen around this region. we were out in prince george's county and a tree fell onto a house out there. an elderly woman in a wheelchair was out there and officials and the fire department timely picked her up in her wheelchair and took her over to a neighbor's house where she is going to spend the night. the other situation happened in northwest washington where there was a huge tree that we thought at first fell between two homes but it actually it to come along with some minor damage an
all cases. 77 in medford. another day above 70 in the northwest. what a start to october. one of the warmest starts we've ever seen. it has cooled off with clear skies in many cases. the desert southwest, summertime morning lows, temperatures there in the 70s. we have the pesky low drifting closer to the coast. there will be showers with it over the next couple days. today the coast of san jose, san francisco and then it will drop south wards towards los angeles during the day tomorrow. not a lot of wet weather. right now it's still offshore. you can see where it is, ever so slowly those showers will try to move towards san francisco. as far as the forecast goes for today, another nice day in the northwest, slightly cooler for you and with some clouds, a little cooler in the desert southwest. still no wet weather that's widespread. that'srt watching the higher elevations. we're getting to that time of year. an update on the forecast coming up later. >>> a mass murder known as the squirrel busted. north korea's threat to main land usa and why your refrigerate ser bigger than ev
storm that moved through the northwest yesterday. the green on this map still does show some rain. a lot of mitt the higher elevations of the cascades and the olympics, some of it passing into northern portions of idaho. it looks like a few of the showers will creep towards portland here shortly. it's not going to be that bad. much of your day will be dry. there will be a few periods of showers out there. 24-hour rainfall totals, a minorly impressive amount. quarter inch around olympia. seattle almost up to another inch of rain. we're starting to make up some of our rainfall deficit over the last month or two. with the next storm system, as it goes through the day we'll get the instability showers behind it. we'll see light rainfall amounts. the bulk of moisture has already moved inland. dry in most of california. the winds did shift. only in the low 80s in many areas like downtown l.a. instead of the impressive heat you've had the last couple days. as the high pressure moves in further, we don't expect the return of hot temperatures. the forecast this morning, temperatures cold in the r
imports of north dakota and northwest minnesota and in canada as well. so some really cold air hanging off in the wing. the back of the tropics, we are still producing tropical storms. this is oscar with 45 miles per hour wind. the store will head toward europe and is not really aimed at us at all. still a little ontil the humid side. still a chance for approval or shower. when will be northwesterly 10 m.p.h. the waves at 1 foot, water temperatures in the low-70's on the bay. the last of the rain and cloudiness will be moving out during the afternoon and into the evening hours. the next french approaches on friday, but it is still off to our northwest -- that next front approaches on friday, but it is still off to our northwest. the rain chance will extend into sunday as well. part of the weekend could be wed. here's the seven best a forecast. 81 degrees today and tomorrow. not a high chance of rain. then the next rain chance extends into monday and that could be a little on the web site as well. by tuesday and wednesday, we are only in the 60's for highs. >> health officials say an outbre
cooler than yesterday but not too bad for this time of year. 60 at the airport. northwest winds at 16. that is making it feel a little bit cooler out there. a few fairweather cumulus clouds are drifting by. breezy, cooler than yesterday, with high temperatures in the mid-60's. looking forward to another nice day tomorrow. we have some rain in the seven- day forecast. >> medical tests conducted monday afternoon confirmed the worst fears of ravens fans. the team is 5-civil now headed to the top part of the schedule without two of their key players. you heard that quarterback lardarius webb it is out for the season. he pulled a ligament during the game with the cowboys. an mri taken monday reveals that we lewis tore at triceps muscle -- ray lewis tore a triceps muscle. he will have to undergo surgery. back in court for the cruise ship captain accused of running his ship aground and then abandoning it in january. and a recall for doggie treats. >> the captain of the costa concordia cruise ship is back in court today. this is day two of the hearings against francesco schettino. he is accus
. there was road work on the northwest branch in maryland between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. you cannot see the construction in this camera. no early delays. looks fine between frederick and the capital beltway. >> new this morning, four people injured when a stolen vehicle crashed into a tree in northwest d.c. >> it's not clear what led to her this late-night crash that happened on new jersey avenue and r street. a weapon was found in the car. one person was taken to hospital in critical condition. the second person was treated for minor cuts and bruises. two more people were taken to our university hospital. we don't know their conditions. >> police investigating a shooting in southeast. officers found a male victim on the third floor apartment on 27th street near texas ave. we don't know his condition or what led to the shooting. just hours away from the third and final presidential debate. president obama and mitt romney will face off at lynn university in boca raton, florida. >> the focus will be foreign policy. brandi hitt has a preview. >> it is their third and final
. more in the dakotas and minnesota and back into wyoming. in the pacific northwest, that have had snow in cascade. the colder tip jurors are out that way. for us, the temperature is warming up. tomorrow and the next day and the next they will be great. details in the forecast, just ahead. x a new wall street journal poll shows president obama and mitt romney are tied to weeks before the election. the poll has the race that even with 47% support for each candidate. it was conducted october 17-20 after last week's second avenue. the poll has mitt romney leading in the battleground states reject after last week's second debate. -- after last week's second avenue. -- debate. >> terrell suggs defied many laws of science, and not only did he return, but well. he said he wanted to come back against a good team. a little over weight, not in game shape, still the best pass rush off -- pass rusher in the game. a great throw and catch, 9-3 lead. joe flacco pass it -- his old nemesis, part of 29 unanswered points. suggs is happy to get back to the game, but not with the results in houston. >> we l
. that's about it. another dry day in the northwest. but you're running out of them. pretty soon we're going to return to your typical pattern of a lot of clouds and on-and-off showers over the next week. here is a look at the radar off the california coastline. in san francisco, showers were just to the south of you, now heading off to the coast. today is a relatively dry day in many areas. tomorrow is when the upper level low comes near los angeles. that's where we've got a chance of showers. if the air is cold enough in the afternoon, we may get a few thunderstorms out of that and then it should clear out for a nice weekend. today, very similar to yesterday with a sun and cloud mixture and st dropping into the upper 80s. seattle, nice and comfy, mid 60s. >>> it looks like the rain is still forecast to return to the northwest in many areas of the west this upcoming period. >> bill, thanks. over 7 million cars recalled. is yours one of them? jack welch out at "fortune." starbucks battles mom and pop store starbarks. your early morning celebrity headlines straight ahead. you're watc
the last three hours. this going to continue to rotate northwest. a few more showers may hang around for the morning commute, but they will be mainly in that area along the coast. for the rest of us, we could have the possibility of a stray shower today, low 60s coast. partly sunny inland. >> good morning. live look at golden gate bridge, nobody is coming across now. roadwork northern end of the span down to one lane southbound, two lanes northbound. fog-free and clear there, very light at the bay bridge, no metering lights so far, no problems into san francisco, roadwork northbound 101 through cortamadera until 6:00 this morning. southbound 680 sycamore valley road until 6:00, three left lanes block the. eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad roadwork until 6:00. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi goes back to work this morning knowing for the first time in months he's no longer in danger of losing his job over a domestic violence incident. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with what is ahead for the sheriff and his wife. >> reporter: the sheriff and his wife were sporti
. >> reporter: that's a big mouse. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: at 1235 new york avenue northwest officials declared an imminent health hazard at this mcdonald's when they walked in finding burgers and chicken at risky temperatures and no hot water for workers to wash their hands. at the popeye's on street health officials closed this down reporting the famous chicken stored at potentially dangerous temperatures, and mice. >> oh no, we won't be eating here today. >> reporter: in arlington at big papa pizza on lee highway, they let us in the kitchen after their closure. >> reporter: one of the problems they cited in one of the inspections was flies. >> reporter: it appeared in order, but besides insects, inspectors had cited multiple violations including repeatedly operating without a fad saist manager. in bethesda, a closure at moby dick's on wisconsin avenue, caught operating with no hot water and flies in the kitchen. in silver spring, inspectors say they walked into flipping pizza while they were flipping pizza with no hot water to clean their hands. they also cited dusty facilities at t
to the northwest. we have two weather elements. we have the front to the west. there is cold air behind it. the radar is starting to show some paint indicating snow. the cold air is dropping in. the hurricane is approaching from the south and east. that is expected to hit the coast tomorrow afternoon. when the two elements combine, sandy will not be a hurricane. it will be an even stronger nor'easter coming in from the east of the ocean into our area. for more on that, let's go to joan collins. >> there are two elements to the storm. one is the heavy rain on the eastern shore. then we have the wind. the weather service has issued a hurricane force winds warning for the day for tomorrow. by the time the storm comes in, it will not technically be a hurricane. the wind will be hurricane- force. the wind gusts at the bridge, 21 miles an hour. at ocean city inlet, 35. 40 in the delaware bay paid in the land to, the wind is gusting to 47 miles an hour. -- 40 in the delaware bay. in the atlantic, the wind is gusting to 40 miles an hour. in the morning, we expect steady wind 30 to 35 dusting into
. >> there you go. john hanrahan reporting live. >> let's go -- take it back to the city live in northwest with a look outside. karen? >> the wind is starting to buff up a little bit out here. not that sweep you down the street blow you away wind. we've been looking around the city. we went to check out the usual suspects, places that there's normally bad flooding. the bloomingdale neighborhood for one, those folks over there are crossing their fingers right now and hoping for the best. in the area in and around rhode island and birch northwest, they're doing what they can to try to keep the rain out. sandbags are the logical answer, but they tried them before. this time they tried more bags and folks are trying more innovative tricks to keep the water at bay. they put up tarps, and are hoping for the best. >> we are anticipating it. >> so this will be like -- >> this will be maybe the fifth. >> it's really frustrate >> gary: and scary, because you're on pins and needles. you think the basement will flood. i hope i won't come to the first level of my house. >> reporter: we also found rock
throughout the days out of the northwest, the north westerly wind is a chilly wind. 48 degrees now in monroe. dew points drying out, dew point 43. meyersville, last stop, temperature 49 with the dew point at 42, the winds northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. that's going to be the scenario for today. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we have all the sweeps on scanning the skies to see if we will find rain. high pressure is going to do its thing, build in, we are going to have a nice day to look out. break out the sun shades, but we will be breezy throughout the day. by lunchtime, the temperature of 63 degrees, by 3:00, that's high temperature i'm going with, 65 degrees, under mostly sunny skies. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> glad the rain is gone. >> unfortunately we are dealing with accidents, trouble arundel, a crab on route 50, along the westbound lanes at the bay bridge. this is a live look, south of the beltway, everything is moving along, no delays heading up to 695, we have a crash on the west side of the beltway, a live look at baltimore national pik
volume. finally branch road in northwest near blair road, westbound or inbound lanes shut down with tree and wires across the roadway. next timesaver traffic at 6:11. back to you. >>> they've been gone for a few months but the occupy protesters are back. their goal today is to make life a mess along k street. >> today marks the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement coming here to d.c. kristin fisher is live at farragut square. when will things begin to heat up, kristin? >> reporter: we think they should be getting started right around 7:00. that's when protesters are planning on meeting here. then sometime after 7:00, they're going to start one of two protests planned for today along k street. there's two of them. one is shut down k street. the other is storm k street. the one that's going to be leaving from right here in farragut square again should be taking place sometime after 7:00 a.m. but protesters are being kind of tight lipped about exactly where they're going and when they're leaving because they want to try to keep an element of surprise because they have to deal with d.
are being dues butted yesterday at coolidge high school in northwest. also distributed in the bloomingdale community which is prone to flooding in smaller storms. >> the d.c. fire department were knocking on doors to make sure residents are prepared. they subjected moving furniture to an upper -- suggested moving furniture to an upper level and move cars. pepco wants to remind customers about the dangers of downed trees and power lines, another reason to get your car in a safe location. with the strong winds some of the crews may not be able to assess the damage until wednesday morning. so please keep that in mind. and 9news now will remain on the air throughout this storm. >> we'll bring you the latest on how the storm is affecting you and your neighbors. as we head to break, let's take a live look outside right now. you're watching 9news. stay with us. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9 news now, a special edition. we're on at 4:20 to get you the latest information coming in this morning. pretty calm winds. i saw lots of super cans on the street. i tweeted yesterday don't do that becaus
. great visibles. we're looking north toward friendship heights in bethesda in northwest d.c. 48 degrees. a west, southwest wind at 5 miles an hour. so that's not too bad. the humidity 77%. it's quiet here. you can see some showers, storms even in tennessee. showers in new york. a little bit of a wintry mix up toward lake mass sid and adirondack -- placid and adirondacks. this will come through with the wind more than anything, this front. and some cool weather later today and tonight. so 63 today. tonight upper 20s in the cold spots but really around 40 downtown. most areas will be in the 30s. friday night high school football games, you'll need to bundle up as well. 62 tomorrow. not a bad day at all. but then sunday a nicer day. 74 degrees. got the skins at home. got the ravens at home. weather should be great for that. monday 72. chance of an afternoon shower or two. then tuesday and wednesday, a little bit cooler. mid- to upper 60s. back to 72 next thursday. 5:17. let's go over to monika samtani and find out about your friday morning. >>> thank you so much. if you're planning to head
in northwest washington. no flooding yet but folks there, would you say they're ready, megan? >> reporter: i would say they're ready. they've had a lot of experience with flooding in the past with just normal stone storms. they know the drill. the public work crews have been taking a look at the early, looking at it so the drains can drain. it seems a lot of people have taken the advice, have stayed down, hunkered down at home. we're seeing very light traffic. a lot of folks are still stocking up. all morning long, we've been seeing people heading out with shopping bags. they had sandbags across the door, they were not open. about an hour or so ago, the owner did come, remove the sandbag, and they opened for business. a lot of folks flat to see them open. i see you've got cereal and what else? >> some bread. got some sandwiches from here. keep us occupied in case the power goes out. >> you feel like you're ready? >> i hope so. i'm not worried about getting flooded. i april just worried about the wind and power being knocked out. >> you have to work later? >> yeah, i work at the local bar so
is crashing over the northwest bridge and dumping heavy logs and debris along the route 29 bridge in white oak prompting police to shut down the road in front of this gas station. >> i'm glad to see it shut down for safety reasons. it's bad for me and everybody in the trader joe's parking lot, but i think they made the right decision. >> reporter: there are roughly two dozen roads shut down because of flooding, another dozen blocked by downed trees and power lines. stay home and avoid traveling by car today if possible. not a problem for this family who admitted they would rather be walking anyway. >> we are burning off energy. ibd who's got children knows that's what we are not doing today. we are not keeping anybody inside. >> if you decide to walk, you need to be very, very careful. the floodwaters can rise quickly. frankly, you have to watch for cars. they are hydroplaning and throwing water everywhere. it's not safe to be on the road if you can avoid it. if you can and if your kids are not driving you crazy, stay inside. tisha thompson, news 4. >>> we have been keeping an eye on the roads
, a little chilly, 54 degrees. is dry air today and the wind is coming in from the northwest. be a littleoing to yesterday when you see the northwest breeze. 54 degrees here. 48 in gaithersburg, 52 in hagerstown, 48 degrees in fredericksburg. totals, not impressive. about a quarter of an inch at anles and about a third of inch in leesburg, virginia. in frederick, about a third of an inch. chantilly, 0.15 inches. not enough to make the streets wet. today will be about average for the temperatures. we cannot complain. a cold front off shore. a few lingering clouds will move quickly as high pressure becomes our dominant feature. the wind will be from the northwest today. fromll start to come in by tomorrow, which means our temperatures will warm up. front will be our next end of theer at the week. sunny today, pleasant, 62-68. mostly clear skies tonight with 40-48. wednesday through friday, 70's. first chance of rain thursday night. we will see that on friday for sure. withet's check on traffic angela. good morning. good morning. still moving quite well out there. time of morning will see volume
, this track has not changed much the last three days, over cuba into the bahamas and slightly to the northwest and then go back to the northeast sparing the southeast coast. this is going to happen and really what we said alast night i am not so concerned with the storm over the weekend. i am more concerned with the storm as it begins to be coming back to the northwest retrograding to the west and northwest as it is extra tropical by the time we get into monday of next week. even though it is extra tropical it may still be just as strong. so we have to keep you posted on this all week, and l all weekend. here are the spaghetti plots. i love these because you get to see the models and where they're going. each presents a track of the model. we have all kinds of con fluent here into the bahamas and then con fluent keeping its aoffshore, but notice these two models turn back to the northwest. one into nantucket, one into atlantic city. that's not good. it would have a huge impact on us. we are not done with sandy. we will not be for some time. >> live weather cam. low clouds have developed. it is
was found here on idaho street northwest. a family of four were at home when things turned ugly. >> this massive shaking, the entire house shook. >> porter: no one was hurt, but look at the damage to the upper floor. >> gigantic probably 100-year- old tree just came right through the attic, busts open at particular door and there's leaves all -- the attic door and there's leaves all throughout the inside of house. >> reporter: meanwhile mayor gray and other city leaders began the morning with a tour of the city. the first stop? a tree down near the historic home of frederick douglass. >> i think we're in good shape. we've had minimal flooding up to now. this is still a threat over the next four to eight hours of some flooding on the potomac. >> reporter: the mayor's group headed to northeast where we found crews removing this tree from ebart street. residents thankful it was only a car damaged when the tree came down. >> the most important thing, there's no life lost and that's the main thing. >> reporter: because of the strong winds last night and early this morning, there
lanzhou is the second-largest city in china's northwest and the capital of gansu province. sowhis this city here? its growth is largelthe result of 20th-centurycentral. buwhat ipired e communists its to develop lanzhou? result imagine the chalngefor mal trying to link core areas in t east with the western frontier provinces. vast areas of deserts, high plateaus and mountains block many routes to the west. rivers like the huang he were one means of transport, but they were not navigable in many places. they were also not easily crossed. ( speaking japanese ) translator: this is the huang he. lanzhou was built on this site because of its geographical features. the river above lanzhou is swift as it cascades down from the mountains. when it reaches the lanzhou basin, it spreads out and sandbars like these form in the middle. you have to ford the huang he to get to western china, so people have been fording the river here for centuries. that's why lanzhou was built here and has prospered. the famous silk road passed through here on its way through northwest china. narrator: it was the
of california and arizona, the storm misses you. a one-two punch of storms in the northwest. then a break in the middle of the week. >> all right. thanks, bill. >>> the father of former u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens speaks out. what caused one of our subs to collide with one ouf our stroirs? from land to water in the push of a button. you might be able to afford james bond's latest gadget. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." the pakistani girl shot last week for promotion education to girl is being flown to grit britain this morning. doctors believe malala yousef is a will need long-term care. >>> arlen specter died sunday from complications of nonhodgkin's lymphomaality the age of 82. the two were close and often traveled on amtrak together when they were senators. >>> the pentagon is investigating what caused the collision of a nuclear sub and naval cruiser during a training exercise off the east coast this weekend. no one was injured and both ships were able to return to port. the damage is being evaluated. >>> the father of christopher stevens, t
across the nation. a rainy day in the northwest, around seattle, portland, billings and jackson, wyoming. scattered showers from grand rapids to chicago. much warmer than normal in the nation's midsection. >> kansas city and omaha hover near 80 degrees. 60s in the northwest and east. 80s in new orleans. 85 in sacramento. >>> coming up, the google exec who is saying yahoo! a $60 million incentive to switch companies. >> not a bad career. >>> and a lot of people getting fired up over flaming hot cheetos. >>> and later, a very close call for this guy, who was showing off with a crocodile and almost beca >>> welcome back, everybody. shoppers are returning to the stores and they're spending. retail sales last month were up 1.1% because consumers simply are more confident. merchants saw gains in almost every major category from eating out to smartphones. it is the third-straight monthly increase in retail sales. >> why did you point to me when you mentioned eating out? >> you like food. >>> well, it is no wonder that major retailers are optimistic about the upcoming holiday shopping season. am
of a series of damp days in the northwest. notice all the be right around 80 degrees. well, i think it's finally safe to say i think that's probably going to be the last really hot day in l.a. until next year. >> careful, bill. careful. >> i'm feeling pretty good about it. >> okay, all right. we'll check back later in the week and find out if you're right. >> okay. >>> well, a cancer fighter that is probably already in your cabinet. the top tourist destination right here in america. have you been there yet? plus, the good news for the economy, stocks, and the housing market. things are looking up. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: brought to you by the makers of centrum men and women. have you taken the most complete multi-vitamin today? >>> i'm lynn berry. right now the search is on for whoever killed five people inside a bar in denver and then set the bar on fire. among the victims, four women, including one of the bar's owners, a 63-year-old. police think the fire was set to try and destroy evidence. they have not identified a suspect. >>> the family of george mcgovern sa
and tomorrow into the northwest. so, i think you get one dry day today. so, the forecast is cool. temperatures are definitely chilly, only in the 50s in many areas for highs in oregon, in washington, in idaho, some of these areas only in the 40s. we're still pretty nice in the desert southwest, but even vegas has cooled off with a high today only of 68. but that's nice, nice little break. that's a look at y night tonight and then tomorrow. unsettled weather pattern after that. so, the west little colder this morning. definitely feels like late fall. >> all right, bill, thanks. >>> well, voter fraud in florida? the fbi investigates. >>> also, scientists mixing male and female embryos. is this a good idea? your early-morning headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, if you're a customer at bank of america, they could be taking a huge hit. details are next. you're watching "early today." >>> stories making news this morning. u.s. officials confirm that authorities in tunisia have arrested a man who may be connected to last month's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. meanwhile, there ar
of california. the warm air is trying to move in along the warm front in the northwest. that's where we'll see a chance of showers, hit and miss during the day today. that's where temperatures remain cooler. overall, a beautiful friday look at spokane today. only a high temperature of 41. chilly. >>> now take a look at your complete weekend forecast coming up. >>> thanks so much. another reason aspirin is good for you. and a story that truly goes beyond any family's worst nightmare. your headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus is the economy really headed off a cliff as americans are about to vote? details are next. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: "early today" is brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil today. >>> stories making news this morning, we begin with just a horrific story. police say a nanny at a luxury new york city apartment building stabbed two small children to death in a bathtub and then stabbed herself. the nanny is hospitalized in critical condition. the children's mother arrived home to find the devastating scene before police were called. >>> a federal
points are going down and we'll feel more comfortable. winds are northwest at 10. that will be a good wind direction. the radar combined, we will zoom up to the northern sections of minnesota and also northeastern north dakota as they had some snow today. this thing is just cranking up. the winds right now are pow to 50 miles per hour in northern minnesota. the other couple of inches are possible for you tonight. and the cold front that is attached to that, that will be the leading edge of the real cold air. the coldest air of the season. it will be pretty close to us. it is going to take until saturday night to get on in here and so we have a couple more warm days for you before we really need to get a taste of that as well. we'll see the early morning showers. the clouds are gone and the skies have cleared. a very nice evening. temperatures are still warm. 78 in rockville. 75 in great falls. 74 in bethesda and 76 over in bowie. so the drier air will move on in. breezy and cooler tonight. less humid tomorrow. just perfect. a late shower is possible for you. i thought we might make it
what sparked a fire at an apartment building in northwest that sent four to the hospital. the fire broke out last night on k street. the flames quickly engulfed the building. a firefighter was injured on the job. two people on the third floor were rescued by ladder truck. one man tried to climb out of the third floor window but ended up falling. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> a little chilly this morning and turned into a beautiful afternoon. >> not bad. how long will it stick around? adam caskey has the forecast. >> these temperatures will stick around only through today. tomorrow it will be close to average. in the second half of the weekend there is a strong cold front. those details in a moment. first, this is in laurel and, 75 degrees. northwesterly breeze and 9 miles an hour, gusting up to 15. we are in the '70s for the most part now. 77 in arlington, 76 in leesburg. 74 in lanham, 79 in culpeper. low 80's for the high temperature across most of the viewing area. not very humid. late spring or early summer like. football games tonight, just fine clear
. low 54 to about 52 downtown. winds are northwest at 10 to 15. the we'll come back and talk about what it will feel like and then it's going to feel like november here. we'll tell you which day will feel like november when we come back. >>> why doctors expect a deadly meningitis outbreak and forced to keep on going. >>> how a disabled grand mom was able to turn the tables on 13 bad guys. >>> it is a wizard of oz reunion more than 7 oyers in the making. they will follow the yellow brick road to an exhibit in london. there they will be on display along with her dress. together again for the first time since the movie was filmed. the ceremony is planned for tuesday. >>> well, 13 intruders verses one disabled grand mom. unbelievably they are trying to rob the grandmother of medical marijuana, growing in her backyard, out in dixon, california. and they emptied a can of bear spray on thee of the young men, including a thug who was pointing a shotgun at her. >> i didn't realize it until it was all over with and how dangerous it was. >> it turned out okay. all 13 intruders took out running. >>
. we've had rain on and off throughout the last 24 hours coming from the northwest, especially washington state. it looks like that system is on its way out. idaho and the northern rockies are dealing with most of the wet weather. showery-type weather from portland to seattle to olympia. looks like the cascades and the lick picks will get the most as far as the wet weather is concerned. no problems in california, nice ific maritime air mass which means it's a warmer air. if that air comes from the north this time of year it gets much colder. >>> we'll take another look at your forecast for today and tomorrow coming up later. >>> how hurricane sandy will impact your travel plans, plus wall street may take a walloping of another kind from the hurricane that will keep traders home today. you're watching "early today." >>> there are already huge headaches for travelers across the country as hurricane sandy makes its approach. nbc's tom costello is at reagan airport this morning for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this place is abandoned. behind me normally you'd see a
. the forecast in the northwest also had some light rain, that shouldn't cause too many airport delays. everyone in the west is fine, at least at your home airport. as we go across the country, i still think the airports from washington, d.c. to philadelphia will be able to open up as we go throughout the day today, especially washington, d.c. but to the new york city airports, not only do they have to deal with the windy conditions today, but there was water on the runways at laguardia and jfk, and they're right on the ocean water, the barriers got destroyed that are supposed to protect it from the water. they may have to replace and fix those barriers, too, because we have more high tide cycleÑ to go. i wouldn't count on the new york city airports opening up today. hopefully they can as we go throughout wednesday. if you're flying in the east today, especially the northeast, you'll be lucky to get there. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. >>> we're going to continue to watch the weak system moving through the northwest with a chance
is -- city. there's a crash at west frank lip and northwest side liberty road at -- franklin and northwest side of liberty road. park heights avenue no problem up to 83 and outer loop nice and clear. no delays right now just 11 minutes traveling from 795 towards 95. hooking at other drive times, you will notice the rest of the beltway going to be in great shape. no problems to report from parkville up to towson and for those of you using the jfx into the city, 11 minutes that typical ride traveling southbound from 695 to east fayette street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. >>> 5:32. it's sentencing day for jerry sandusky, the former penn state assistant football coach will learn his punishment for sex yoolgly abusing 10 boys. linda so -- sexually abusing 10 years. >> reporter: sandusky is 68 years old and he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. his lawyer says else speak at the sentencing. he spent the last three months in prison writing a statement he plans to read today. on monday sandusky issued aaudio statement record and aired on penn state's campus radio station. in
to the west end cinema in northwest washington. you don't have to be invited. you can just show up, get a ticket and see "oxygen for the ears." i love t. congratulations -- i love it. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention, how special the shaw area is. >>> we're doing pretty well today. had some clouds early but we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun. slight chance after stray shower this afternoon but we're looking at temperatures upper 60s, making a run toward maybe 70, 71. then we cool off in the 60s, even 50s later tonight. so it's a great day out there for baseball. got that post-season game going on. division game with the cardinals in town. and for washington baseball fans, it's a game they've been waiting for all their lives. our kristin fisher caught up with some of the fans this morning as they were headed out to nats park. >> going all the way, baby. number one. i believe. we all believe. don't we? we're going all the way, right, folks? let's hear it. >> reporter: almost a hundred people were lined up hoping to score
. the coolest of the weather is out to the northwest of us. of course the northwest earn u.s. -- along canada is unsettled as well. but as you get back to our side of the world here, we are warm and it looks like we stay warm for at least the next few days or so. this storm track will gradually change and the cool air will come in. it will arrive for the latter part of the weekend. but our temperature trend shows here for the next 4 days, temperatures real nice. 76 on thursday. friday back down into the lower 70s. we should average 66 for this time of year. so again, well above where we he should be. passing clouds this evening. any chance of rain will stay well up to the north of us. central, northern sections of pennsylvania and then farther back out to the west and the ohio valley as this comes toward us it will weaken, fall apart and die out. so we're just talking about some passing clouds overnight tonight. future cast tomorrow morning when we wake up, some of us will have some clouds. some of us will have some sunshine, so we'll call it sun and clouds. good part of tomorrow looks fairly
are looking at heavy rain ace cross the pacific northwest -- rains across the pacific northwest. the eastern half of the nation we have a system bringing us rain across the area. thunderstorms are possible and some of those could be on the severe side. mainly the storm prediction center has a slight risk for severe weather across the lower and maryland shore. we will keep it peeled to the area for today. our eyes watching to see what happens. but we have a cold front that's going to be moving through back off towards the west that will move through the area and with that, we have very mild air in place and very warm temperatures so the clashing of the air masses could be bringing us a chance for some thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. right now though, temperatures are on the mild side because we have the clouds out there. 64 degrees in baltimore right now. westminster at 65. gaithersburg at 65 degrees. and # 6 in landover and 66 in annapolis as we go towards the eastern shore 67 degrees there. and chesapeake beach coming to 66 and edgewood at 64. we are dealing with some windy condi
this evening. winds are changed out of the northwest at 13. we're going to have a breezy evening and a cooler evening. temperatures in the 50s already, 58 downtown and 51 -- 41 is the dew point, pressure beginning to rise. temperatures 53 in rockville, 52 in bethesda, 50 in gaitersburg. you'll need a jacket at the bus stop. pretty much full sun tomorrow. great for the nats game, but you'll also need a jacket at the game. either 4:00 started or a 5:00 start if the tigers win, it is a 5:00 -- no, if the tigers win, it is 4:00 start, tiger lose, 5:00 start. overnight, clear, breezy and chilly. 38 to 48. winds west-northwest, 10 to 15. you will need a jacket in the morning, 40s and 50s. winds calm down, northwest at 10. by afternoon, a nice day, sunny and cooler, high temperatures only 60 to 65, winds out of the southwest about 10. forecast for the game, right now we'll say it is a 4:00 game, upper 50s to low 60s, winds westerly at 10. you'll need a jacket at the part. oakland holds in the 40s. is is 56 in cumberland, 59 in hagerstown. 65 in culpeper, manassas, only 60. 61 in fairfax. downtown 63
at work. in northwest, brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you so much for that report. the man charged in a lobbying headquarters entered a not guilty plea. he is charged with shooting and wounding a security guard in northwest d.c. and august. he is facing 10 counts including committing an act of terrorism. court's republicans in virginia's eighth district want a investigation into the campaign. this after a man saying he would commit a voter fraud. >> we are just 11 days until election day. and the president taking a break from traveling, but not a break from campaigning. he will take several interviews today at the white house speaker live with mtv news. joe biden back on the campaign trail. this event is getting under way in wisconsin. later he will speak and another location in wisconsin as well. >> on the republican side of the ticket john mccain rallying for mitt romney and fairfax, one of two northern virginia today. and ann broad omni has several stops today. romney will appear today in a i. >> and kicking off early voting on saturday. the top issues on the state ballot includ
downtown, winds north, northwest at 6 and pressure rising, another good indication of a frontal passage for you budding meteorologists, 29.72 inches of mercury. here's radar, by and large heaviest activity shifted south of town, still light rain out toward fairfax county, 66 and go up the spur up 270 in montgomery county, just light activity, but by and large, this is the heaviest activity we can find. yes, we have had the rumble of thunder and lightning, pretty heavy rains crossing 95 headed toward 301 crossing the river toward la plata. now we see orange, which is about 3/4-inch per hour, not quite as heavy as what we saw earlier this earning but still a pretty heavy storm just south of 17. everything pushing off to the east at a pretty good clip. i think everybody will clear out the next hour and a half, temps falling to the west anyway, 59 vienna, gaithersburg, 60 bethesda, 62 college park and even 60 out toward bowie. so we'll dry out pretty quickly tonight. your late night with the dog, no worries. some wet spots for the evening commute, cooler tomorrow but very nice. grab your sh
. temperatures down to 60 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. it will bring in cooler air. i'll show you how cool that air is and what really comes next. >> coming up next, more than a hundred men tied to a prostitution ring run out of a zoomba studio. tonight, a look at the profile's names. >> family keepsakes lost forever. now they're trying to figure out what started that fire. >> plus, a new arsenal to battle . >>> we have a new look tonight at that intense fire that destroyed dozens of self storage units. those flames tore through the store-all facility last night. 85 storage yuunits were scorche. most of their contents wera total loss. one man was in the process of moving says he lost everything he owned. >> it's like the memories, all the pictures, everything, you know, that i got. memories from my kids, it's gone. it's not that you can replace it. >> investigators are still trying to find out what caused that fire. >> tonight, a small seaside community in maine is seeing the names of neighbors, friend and relatives flash across the tv screen making national new
. jessup 45. 46 owings mills this morning. the winds are light of the northwest. mailed's most powerful radar is dry. this will stay this way throughout the day. we will get sunshine moving in here. we could see that hour by hour forecast, the planner working good for you, 65 degrees by lunchtime, by this afternoon, the high temperature will be at 70 degrees, under mostly sunny skies. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning. for these of you traveling in federal hill, this morning, expect delays, due to a two alarm house fire on battery avenue, that is going to be closed between east west treat. you will want to use riverside avenue as you alternate routes. taking a look at the main lines, here is the northwest conner of 695, old court road. traffic picking up. the average speed on the outer loop, 33 miles per hour. expect a slow ride, down towards route 40. this is the beltway, parkville, much difference and clearer here at harford road. a typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95, up to 83. that's a look at your time saver traffic, over to y
to a couple houses in northwest washington a couple hours ago in the 5300 block of nebraska avenue. one of the homes has since been condemned. did you see those roots there? fortunately the two people in the house were not hurt. the tree damaged the roof also of a neighbor's house. the three people in the second home also escaped unharmed. >> we are back in a moment with more on hurricane sandy. stay with us. >>> thousands and thousands of people already using the 9 news text alerts to take up to date on closings, outages and rising waters. text sandy to 25543. there will be directions how to sign up for our mobile app. you can watch us streaming live on our mobile site in case your power goes out. >> we've got plenty of tools to help you do all that. >> we're going back to topper now giving us an update on these record setting winds. >> fient 8 mile-per-hour wind is the highest -- 98 mile-per- hour wind is the highest wind gust recorded at national in 1954. 60 mile-per-hour wind was irene last year in august. now a 58 mile-per-hour wind with isabel in september of '03. we had the blizz
and son camera beautiful. looking northwest dc bethesda in the distance a beautiful day underway, 67 degrees with a west northwest wind now at 7:00 and the humidity only 36%. so the air has really dried out. the cold air in the northern rockies and british columbia, a big dip in the jet stream as the storm system is crashing into the west coast with rain and mountain snows. heavy snows in the ski areas in california up through the northwest, in toward even moynihan they have winter storm warnings. locally, not much going on here. but if you are flying toward chicago this afternoon, that is a cluster of storms that will be around there likely to slow things down a bit. the futurecast is all quiet. a few clouds late tonight, early tomorrow, especially up north. the showers will stay up in pennsylvania. then wednesday i'm expecting more sunshine, our highs will be near 80 and keep in mind the average high is 66. so well above average for the next several days. >>> we have a new tropical depression. 18 will likely become sally and strengthen to a strong tropical storm by jamaica. then to
and passing east. winds of 80 miles an hour. pressure holding steady now north/northwest at 15 miles an hour. maintain category 1 strength today off the coast of florida and heading northeast for tomorrow. then sunday, taking a turn to the north and then into monday northwest. tuesday, wednesday coming inland, and then just kind of sitting here right near us. here's washington, here's baltimore. there's philadelphia. so this entire part of the country from central virginia all the way to new england being affected by this storm. monday into tuesday and wednesday. here's some of the effects from this. sandy gets stronger as it does come our way. and rain starting sunday, becoming heavy late in the day. winds increasing sunday night. they'll be strongest monday, tuesday. maybe 60-mile-per-hour gusts or higher. that likely will cause power outages that may last several days. with ways to deal with all of that, we're joining tony tull in forestville. good morning, tony. >> tom, good morning. it's been the theme for the last 24 hours or so. it's all about the preparation. folks going to lowe's, h
northwest 10 to 15. so if you're in the burbs tonight, you'll be in the upper 30s to around 40, 39 gaithersburg, maybe 41 rockville, 48 arlington and string field and downtown, but low -- springfield and downtown, but low 40s in college park and bowie, barely 41 in reston, fairfax, sterling, leesburg and manassas looking up upper 30s tonight. there's a free warning in effect for our mountains. get -- freeze warning in effect for our mountains, get way out across the divide. the growing season will end there tonight. temperatures there will be in the upper 20s. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, chilly start, need a gentleman, 40s and 50s, winds -- jacket, 40s and 50s, winds northwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny, cooler, highs in the low to mid- 60s. the 4:00 game tomorrow, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, westerly winds at 10, so a light jacket a good idea. your zone forecast, only in the 40s tomorrow in oakland, but misskies from the mountains to the coast. 56 in cumberland, near 60 in hagerstown, 60 winchester, 65 culpeper, 60 in manassas, maybe 61 in fairfax. 63 downtown. we'
, probably more sun than today. still a blustery wind out of the northwest. highs reaching mid-50s. a cold start, down to the 30s. sunny saturday. near freezing much of the region. saturday afternoon, mid-50s. here's a look at sunday and into the first part of next week. morning lows near 40 on sunday. afternoon highs on sunday into the mid-50s and partly cloudy. monday and tuesday, clouds in and out, morning lows near 40. afternoon highs low to mid-50s. i'll return in ten minutes. a look at your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> thanks, tom. good morning. >>> if you're taking the local roads today, you still have to use caution. still experiencing flooding, debris in the roadway on some of the roads. give yourself some extra time. starting in virginia, flooding. columbia pike is close the at blair of flooding. flooding on braddock road closed in both directions between rolling road and burke lake road. georgetown pike, downed tree closing you on the beltway, again in both directions along georgetown pike. let's head over as you make your way on the dulles toll road. this
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